Top 5 Watch Facts

5 Fun Fact About Watches

1. The first Wristwatch with an alarm function was produced by luxury Swiss watchmaker, Eterna, in 1908.


2. Before World War One, only women wore wristwatches; soldiers began wearing them in the War as a means of keeping their hands free for more important matters


3. The wristwatch was first invented by a man named Patek Phillipe, back in 1868. His ‘Platinum Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch’ sold at Christies for a whopping 3.1 million dollars in May of 2008.


4. Surprisingly, mechanical watches are actually less accurate than those with quartz movements. The latter was first introduced in 1969.


5. ‘ROLEX’ was chosen because it was short and looked good on a watch’s face and is capable of being pronounced in any language. Another quote from the founder says that he believed this is how a watch sounded when it was being wound.