Celebrating 50 Years of The Sound of Music – A Viennese City Break

A Viennese City Break


The much loved family classic The Sound of Music is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. The musical has not only warmed hearts, incited excitement and astonishment, but also opened the world’s eyes to the beautiful landscapes of Austria. If you fancy flying away for a weekend city break this summer, why not explore the magical city of Vienna? Plus, It’s not a long drive through the breath-taking countryside to Salzburg, and those famous hills of Maria’s.



Sans Souci hotel

The Sans Souci Hotel, situated in the museums quarter and just around the corner from Vienna’s shopping mile, is an internationally renowned hotel. The 17th century building is a gorgeous example of Austrian craftsmanship, also housing its own modern art collection. Its sixty three rooms are individually designed to reflect relaxed and indulgent nature of Vienna, as is its restaurant, summer terrace, and spa club. The La Véranda restaurant only uses organic and locally sourced ingredients to give its visitors a real taste of Austria.



votivkirche vienna

Of course, you cannot visit Vienna without passing through the illustrious grounds of the Votive Church. The building is a perfect example of neo-gothic architecture at its finest, and acts as a ‘hall of fame’ for Austria’s most noted poets, artists, inventors and politicians. Guided tours around the church are held once a month, and are a must in order to truly understand the importance of the church to the communities of Vienna. Either on a guided tour or with your own curiosity, explore the hidden museum of the Votive church which holds liturgical artefacts and remnants of 15th century Viennese life. On summer evenings, concerts are regularly held featuring the pieces by Mozart, Bruckner and Telemann as well choral performances.



Kunst Historisches Museum Wein

See every side there is to Austria at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wein with its eclectic and intriguing art exhibitions. The museum is said to capture the soul of the city, and hosts music and theatre performances from local dramatists. Their collections are diverse, ranging from ancient civilisation antiquities to musical instruments to a collection of arms and amour. The museum is spread over several buildings throughout the city, meaning that visitors can leisurely pick and choose the exhibitions which fascinate them without being overwhelmed.



Schönbrunn Palace

If you’re looking for a real slice of Austrian history, then dive into a world of opulence at the Schönbrunn Palace. The golden baroque palace and gardens have been home to the Imperial Habsburgs for centuries, and its untouched residential and ceremonial rooms are open to the public. The palace is full of treasures from throughout the ages, and is accompanied by a maze and the labyrinth in the botanical gardens.




Only a few hours drive from Vienna is the gorgeous town of Salzburg where The Sound of Music is set. The hills make a perfect backdrop to the fairy-tale like settlement, with its elegant domes and spires and deep sapphire Salzach River. You need to take your time in Salzburg; absorb yourself in the delicate side streets lined with markets and music, enjoy a coffee and local delicacy in a café on the square, linger in the secluded parks long enough to hear the hills sing.



We’d like to know what is your favourite scene from the sound of music?



Images © Sans Souci Hotel, Lonely Planet, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Schloß Schönbrunn