The Best New Beauty Treatments for 2016

2016 New Beauty Treatments Perhaps you’re looking for a unique gift, or for fresh start to 2016? The treatments we’ll cover are diverse and forward-thinking methods of buffing, massaging, and cleansing both body and soul for the ultimate treat day. If that’s whet your appetite enough, then follow us on an adventure into true pamper perfection…


Your First Impression

Our faces take the real tests of modern life: stress, laughter, make up, sweat and tears. So give your face, your first impression, some TLC.


A professional facial is a great way to try new products on the market, and pioneering microdermabrasion techniques will leave your skin feeling 10 years younger. A pressure point tsubo massage can directly target your least favourite wrinkles by boosting the skin’s circulation ability. A tsubo facial massage from Shiseido, at Birmingham’s House of Fraser, begins with a full digital analysis. This shows the extent of your wrinkles underneath the skin, preparing you for a completely personalised facial massage.



Mother’s Beauty Wisdom

Recent research has confirmed that the key to perfect skin, which our mothers have been telling us all along, is plenty of water and fresh air. As a result, a wave of oxygen-infused facial treatments is now flooding the market.


Bliss, at Debenhams in Glasgow, now offer a full on Oxygen Blast treatment which will slap your skin cells to attention. An exfoliating fruit acid wash is accompanied by the ‘pore-factor’, a microdermabrasion tool specifically used to remove damaged skin cells. This is followed by their signature oxygen mask which fizzes on the skin, leaving your face rosy and fresh.



Natural Glow

Move Over Botox

Botox isn’t new on the scene, and after many news scares it is unsurprisingly falling out of fashion. However, the Botox revolution is subtly underway, new and improved using all natural ingredients.


In London, David Peters Acupuncture, provide a thorough consultation which narrows down a natural Botox treatment specifically tailored to your skin’s needs. Each session is long enough to catch up on some serious rest and relaxation, maximising the natural Botox’s effects.



Natural Glow

Of course, once you see the glow on your renewed face, you’ll want to go the extra mile and indulge your whole body! The Lido in Bristol is a contemporary urban paradise, boasting a fine restaurant as well as spa and pools.


Transport yourself to a hot sandy beach with their Lomi Lomi massage, an ancient Hawaiian massage technique using long movements and varying rhythms to ease back and shoulder pain. The package includes a post-massage bathing experience using their top products.



No More Panda Eyes

A Lush Holistic Approach

If you’re looking for a more holistic approach, The Spell treatment at Lush Spa in Leeds will leave your mind feeling as relaxed as your body. This treatment uses world-renowned organic Lush products alongside a reflexology style massage, leaving you with the feeling of walking on air.


Before the treatment you are asked write your worries and anxieties on a piece of card, and after the treatment your card is burned over a soothing scented candle, to leave your stress melting away like the candle wax itself.



The Maternity Massage

Pregnant women are often denied a full body massage as it is impossible to lie on their front – even though some would argue pregnant women are the most in need of a massage! Eden Hall Spa in Nottingham have carefully developed a new massage technique especially tailored to pregnant women and their body’s needs.


The Maternity Massage uses pregnancy safe oils to massage your skin, prevent stretch marks and improve the body’s overall elasticity from top to toe. Whether it’s your ankles or your back which is feeling sore, laid on your side all areas are accessible to the masseuse.



Luscious Lashes

Eyebrow threading is becoming so popular, it leaves us wondering how we ever succeeded with home waxing kits! Shavata brow studio at Neville Hair and Beauty, is one of London’s most proficient threading salons.


Shavata’s experts will create a brow shape unique to you, plotted considering how long it takes for hair to grow back, giving you a treatment that lasts. Neville is a European leader in hair and beauty standards, so you can rest easy knowing that you are having star-quality treatment.



Your First Impression

No More Panda Eyes

Puffy eyes, and dark circles around the eye, are a persistent problem for many of us. But with such a delicate part of our bodies, and equally delicate treatment is needed.


With 9 salons located in the south-east,  Luminis Beauty offers the gentle yet effective Bright Eye treatment, which uses a galvanic current to leave the tissue around your eyes plumper and softer. This treatment is suitable to people of all ages, even those with significant damage around the eyes. Followed up by a one-to-one consultation, their experts will ensure your regenerated skin will last.


Cherry on the Cake

There are always those cherry-on-the-cake treatments, which we just don’t give enough thought. Now is the time to thoroughly spoil yourself to those finishing touches, which will leave your most tired capacities feeling brand new. For those cellulite hotspots, the Technispa Firming Treatment at The Royal Exchange Salon, Manchester is the cure. A mild, soothing, electrical current is used over targeted areas such as thighs, underarms or back. The electrical current tones skin and muscle to develop a firmer body after just one treatment.
What treatment have you been looking forward to experiencing in the next year?

Images © Bristol Lido, Lush Retail Ltd, Eden Day Spa