Family Christmas Games

Christmas Family Games

Christmas is the time of year to hold a get together with old friends and family. And what could better accompany a drink and a mince pie than some Christmas family games?!


Take a look at our trove of hilarious games fit for any celebration, whether it’s a work Christmas do or in front of the fire on Christmas afternoon.



Santa’s Hat

For starters, the Santa’s Hat game is a must at any Christmas gathering. As each guest arrives at your door, hand them a Santa hat and secretly tell them to keep it on until they see you take your Santa hat off. Once all your guests have arrived and have settled down with drinks, canapes, conversation and forgotten about the game, quietly remove your hat. The first guest to remove their hat is the winner!



Photo Booth

We always take pictures of Christmas joy at this special time of year, so this time make a game of it and set up your own photo booth. Source or make festive props and backdrops for guests to use for silly and fun family photos.



Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie is a great ice breaker. In turn each guest tells three short stories about themselves, two of which are true and one that is not. The aim for the rest of the group is to guess which story is the lie. Of course feel free to add a Christmas theme to the stories, such as naming their three worst ever Christmas gifts; two would be true and one would be false. Over a glass of mulled wine or two this can become a dangerously funny game indeed!



Christmas Family Games 2

Pin the Red Nose

Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph is a Christmassy twist on the popular party game we know and love. Either, print out a Rudolph from your computer or find a poster on the high street. Use a paper nose or if you want to go that extra mile, buy a red sponge clown nose from a fancy dress shop and attach a drawing pin to it. This game is especially good for the little ones, who will be eager to help Rudolph find his nose!



Christmas Scavenger Hunt

You could hide a series of chocolates, ornaments, or Christmas jokes with festive clues around the house. Use both photos and written clues to keep the children interested. The beauty of this game is that you can hide as many treasures as you like, making this game as long or short as you need it to be.



Festive egg and spoon race

A more team-based Christmas party game is a festive egg and spoon race. Using a plastic ornament and a wooden spoon teams will race to complete the circuit first. The circuit could be up and down the hallway, around the sitting room or around the garden! Make a real event of this game by decorating the wooden spoons or making a trophy for the winning team.


Christmas Family Games 3

Face the Gingerbread Man

Face the Gingerbread Man is a side-splitting face to face game. The opponents sit on a cushion on the floor and lean their heads back. Placing a miniature gingerbread man on their foreheads, the aim of the game is to move the biscuit towards their mouth using only the muscles in their face. This game can be played one on one or as part of a team in a relay game. The faces pulled, the mess made, and the competitive edge will keep your guests rolling on the floor!



The Human Christmas Tree

If you want to go all out, then try a human Christmas tree competition. Each team is given scissors, construction paper, aluminium foil, tape and other decorative pieces. They are given five or ten minutes to decorate their “tree”, a member of their own team! The team which creates the most beautiful “tree” wins. Have one impartial guest act as judge for this game, and signal them out with a special hat. This game is best for older children or teenagers, who can be trusted to use scissors safely.




Even if it isn’t snowing outside, get into a Christmassy mood with a tasty snowball throw game. Begin by divide your guests into two or three equal teams. Place a marker on the floor, tape is fine, but tinsel is better! Place one member of each team a good distance away from the marker, and ask the rest of the team to line up behind the marker. The first in line is handed a bag of marshmallows, and the rest of the game is simple – each team member must take one attempt to throw a marshmallow “snowball” into their teammate’s mouth, while not crossing the line. Once a member has achieved this, they swap and become the member who has to catch the “snowball”. The first team to have each member catch a marshmallow wins.



These games will create cherished Christmas memories to last a lifetime. They are an easy way to have fun and bond, and may well become part of your Christmas traditions. Why not think up some of your own by putting a Christmas twist on some of your favourite games? We’d love to hear of any ideas you come up with.


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