Introducing 2emme Jewellery


2emme combines Italian craftsmanship with eye catching modern designs to create a range of Sterling Silver jewellery that is unique and special.


Each piece is manufactured and hand finished in Italy, which makes each item unique and gives every piece a special feel.


With designers in both London and Italy, 2emme is firmly placed at the heart of two of Europe’s most influential fashion scenes. This allows 2emme the ability to respond quickly to the latest fashion changes and trends.


The team behind 2emme has over 20 years’ experience within the jewellery industry, not only does this provide 2emme with a great grounding in the fashion world, it demonstrates their skill at responding quickly to this often changing world.


The 2emme range features both classic and modern charms, unique rings and new colourful combinations of silicon and silver.


We’re honoured to bring you 2emme as our first independent jewellery brand.



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