Jewellery Care Guide

Jewellery Care Guide

It is always worth setting aside some time each year to give your jewellery some much needed TLC. Hot weather and sweat can tarnish regularly worn jewellery, so now is the perfect time to treat it to a ample clean.


A good start is to always wear your jewellery with care and remove it when playing sports and carrying out physical work. After you have taken your pieces off at the end of the day, wipe them clean with a tissue to remove perspiration and excess oils.


When you are not wearing your jewellery, always place it back in its box or pouch to prevent it scratching against other pieces. These pieces should be kept in a cool place to help any waxes or polishes to last longer.




Chemicals like perfume and hair products can all react with silver causing it to tarnish, so apply your products before putting on your jewellery, and wait for them to be absorbed by the skin. A silver-dip solution is the best way to clean your silver, just dip your jewellery in the solution for a couple of seconds, and rinse in warm soapy water. Use a small soft brush like an old brow brush for stubborn dirt.




To give your 18ct yellow and rose gold vermeil jewellery that outstanding shine, buffer it up with a soft, lint free cloth.




Because platinum is a hardwearing metal, when scratched the metal is only displaced, not lost. Platinum jewellery should be cleaned in a very mild soapy water solution, preferably using a soap made from natural ingredients, and with a soft bristle brush. Eventually your platinum jewellery will develop a natural patina which makes your jewellery easier to polish.




The most common cause of wear upon gems is the build-up of body creams and finger prints. Jewellery experts suggest that gemstones at 7 and above on the Mohs scale can be cleaned with mild water and air drying.


Gemstones less than 7 Mohs require slightly warmer water and buffering with a soft cloth. Never clean your gemstones with harsh chemicals or household cleaners. Porous stones such as turquoise and emeralds should be cleaned using an untreated, dry, soft cloth with no prewashing.




Depending on how often you wear your pearls it is best to get them restrung every two years or so.




Diamonds are to be cleaned in warm soapy liquid and a soft toothbrush, making sure the stones are thoroughly rinsed and set to ensure there is no soapy residue.



Have your jewellery cleaned checked by a professional for worn mountings and loose prongs, as these can seriously affect both the longevity of the piece and the value.



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