Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Under £50

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Under £50All the mums who wipe dribbly chins, hold hands, kiss bruises, teach, reassure and support their kids deserve only the best in return. Mother’s Day is a lovely opportunity to say thank you for all her hard work with a thoughtful present. At James Samson we have a wide range of gifts that will please any mother and any budget, gifts to make that special lady feel very special indeed. Flowers and chocolates are Mothering Sunday standards, so as well as making her the Sunday roast put some love and personality into your presents this year with a little help from us.


Some mothers somehow manage to retain grace and poise even when their toddler is having a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket. If your mum prides herself on being the perfect lady, and creating the perfect house, then she may appreciate the Jane Austen Bust from Revival arts of Bath. The bust isn’t just a beautiful likening of the famous lady herself, but is engraved with token scenes from her works. The base is inscribed with the immortal opening line from Pride and Prejudice, ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife’, a present any woman with sense and sensibility would love. This small yet delightful gypsum plaster figure will sit comfortably in any room of the house, but especially in pride of place on the mantelpiece.  Jane Austen Bust


Does your mum have a bark just as fierce as her bite? For those vivacious, loud and proud mums who will always stand up for their children, then nothing can be better than a present which celebrates who they are. Leonardo Collection’s Tiger Cub Ornament from their ‘Out of Asia’ range, is an ideal present for the mother in charge. The ornament is hand painted and made of the highest grade resin, to create a wonderfully truthful figure of the majestic tiger. Tigresses are fiercely protective of their cubs while being caring and a source of guidance, much like many of our own mums. As a one off piece or as part of a collection, the Tiger Cub Ornament is a gorgeous reminder of what a great mother she is.

Leonardo Tiger Cub


For those caring mothers who still want to tuck you into bed at night, you need a present which is going to reflect her serenity and care. Indulge your mum on Mother’s Day not just in a one off gift, but one which will last a lifetime. Italian jewellers, 2emme, work in stainless silver and have a selection of pieces at James Samson fit for both the queen and your mother! Their polished dolphin earrings are an extra special present for any mum, but especially for those who put a little extra love into our days.

2emme Dolphin Earrings


Is your mum still the wild thing she always was, just as much your sister as your mum? We love those mothers who have years of experience to help us with great advice along the way, even if they aren’t the best example! Also by 2emme is their Burnished Bottle Opener Pendant, and while it isn’t a working model your mother will appreciate the joke and the high quality sterling silver body, which is just as precious as she is.

2emme Burnished Bottle Opener Pendant


If you’re looking to give your gift a personal finishing touch, then a simple handmade card is another effective way to show your mum how much you really love her without breaking the bank. We hope that our guide to Mother’s Day gifts has inspired you no matter how silly, sensible, outlandish or extravagant your mother is. Although there are many mums out there, we know that none will be as extraordinary as your own, and so this Mother’s Day find a present just as individual as she is.