Introducing NONA Jewels

Nona Jewellery

The NONA Jewels collection has been crafted from rhodium plated sterling silver utilising fine cubic zirconia stones and freshwater pearls. Designed with a sense of modern styling, the collection reflects current fashion trends yet is effortlessly timeless.


The NONA Jewels collection has been hand crafted in Belgium and reflects the best European jewellery design and manufacture.


NONA silver: Five Star Quality Jewellery

1. Sterling Silver 925/1000
Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver, combined with other metals. This combination provides a strong alloy which will make the jewellery last.

2. Silver with a Rhodium Finish
NONA jewellery is always plated with rhodium. The extra layer of rhodium on top of the silver ensures a beautiful white colour and protects against oxidation.

3. Ergonomic Design: Durable and Aesthetic
The ergonomic design of NONA jewellery ascertains maximum comfort for the wearer.

4. High-quality Stones and Pearls
NONA jewellery is always hand set with top-quality cubic zirconia. 57 facets per stone ensure a perfect brilliant sparkle. Some pieces of jewellery are set with natural freshwater pearls which are selected with the greatest care, according to their shape and origin.

5. Craftsmanship
The jewellery in the Nona collection is made using our own designs, skilled professionals and according to strict requirements.


The Nona Philosophy

Enjoying every single moment of life with a smile on your face, that is the Nona philosophy. No matter where you are and what you are doing, spending precious moments with family, having a good time with friends, being captivated by a thrilling book, going shopping with your friends or simply spending a lazy Sunday in the park… may fun and happiness be with you! Discover the new Nona silver collection and pick out that special piece of jewellery that will not only complete your look but make your day. Enjoy!



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