Profile: Moët et Chandon

If Champagne is the ultimate signifier of fame and fortune, then Moët et Chandon is regarded as the champagne of the gods. As one of the world’s largest champagne producers, Moët et Chandon has been supplying the rich and famous with their equally famous champagne since 1743.


The family business began with Claude Moët sending his wine from the valleys of Champagne to King Louis XV’s Paris. As a extensive networker and expert salesman, Moët was one of a select group of merchants accredited to serve the royal court.


Today the champagne house holds a royal warrant to supply Queen Elizabeth II, which is consider by many to be a hallmark of quality and refinement, while continuing the company’s link with European royalty. So what is it about Moët et Chandon, what is that essence, which has made the champagne synonymous with luxury?



Dom PerignonMany believe that it’s allure began with the introduction vintage champagne in 1842, by Claude Moët himself. This was soon followed their best-selling brand Brut Imperial, which was to cement the Moët name in French history.


Dom Perignon, the brand’s most famous label, elevated Moët et Chandon to international success during the glamourous 1920’s and 30’s. The Dom Perignon brand is named after the ‘Father of Champagne’, a Benedictine monk remembered as an important character in the history of Champagne wine, who pioneered a number of winemaking techniques around 1670.


However, what made Dom Pérignon a household name was its position as one of the first vintage champagnes. Moët et Chandon insist that ‘all vintages need at least 12 years ageing to nurture Dom Pérignon’s signature silky mousse’, a process taken with full care and attention.


Since Dom Périgon, Moët et Chandon have had equally successful ventures, such as establishing Domaine Chandon in California’s Napa Valley in 1973 and in Australia’s Yarra Valley in 1986.



Moet et Chandon vending machineIn 2013 Moët & Chandon installed the world’s first champagne vending machine at Selfridges’ renowned Christmas emporium, creating an international demand for luxury vending machines. Each miniature bespoke bottle is lavishly adorned in mini Swarovski crystals, and lowered by a golden robotic arm.


2013, also saw the release of Moët et Chandon’s MCIII, an innovative and dynamic blend of vintage wines from the house’s best years. The MCIII is the most exquisite jewel in Moët Chandon’s crown, with each bottle of champagne a unique blend matured in three different aging environments. Their centuries of expertise have created a truly tantalising experience in this full-bodied champagne, with distinct and individual layers such as kumquat, bergamot and verbena. These spine tingling flavours are accompanied by just as riveting aromas.


Moët et Chandon has entered our lexicon, having be included in songs by Queen, Snoop Dogg and Billy Joel. The company stays at the forefront of luxury by sponsoring sporting events, tennis superstar Roger Federer, the 2016 McLaren-Honda F1 Team and the arts.



Moët & ChandonFor a real Moët et Chandon treat, whisk yourself away to France to visit the legendary wine cellars themselves, the largest in Champagne. You will not only surround yourself with delectable scenery but artisan fermenters at the Moët et Chandon wine cellars. Book yourself in for a tour and luxury tasting through the gorgeously rustic corridors, or arrange a bespoke tasting to surprise a special someone.


Images © Moët-Hennessy • Louis Vuitton