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In the last decade mobile phones have become indispensable tools for communication, information, and media services. However, luxury mobile phone company Vertu, have gone more than one step further. When you own a Vertu phone, you own all the possibilities in the world.


The Ultimate Lifestyle

Vertu’s mission is to create the extraordinary within the palm of your hand. As well as crafting the ultimate object of desire, Vertu provide exceptional care and lifestyle services which are accessible anywhere in the world. These phones are made to uncompromising standards, and extend beyond the capabilities of a normal phone because of their unique craftsmanship, performance and services.


Since the conception of Vertu, their phones have been handmade by a single craftsman at their artisan factory in Church Crookham, England. Vertu phones are not constructed with cost in mind but performance, selecting materials with stunning appearance and outstanding strength such as ruby, sapphire and titanium. Their phones are built to last a lifetime, and can survive extremes in temperature and pressure. Their Made to Order service allows customers to fully express their individuality with a wide range of personalisation options, such as monograming your phone!


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Not So Humble Beginnings

In October 1998, Vertu was founded upon the go-ahead of the Nokia Board. The idea was simple yet sophisticated; to use exotic, rare and naturally durable materials in remarkable handcrafted devices. A diverse team of R&D specialists was assembled in secret in the summer of 2000, which went on to establish the Vertu headquarters in England.


Vertu spent the next two years developing the high quality production process needed to create the first ever luxury mobile phone. During these years they created the world’s largest piece of cosmetic sapphire crystal at 69.25 carats, as well as many other technological feats. Vertu established their own training school to produce fine master craftsmen, who spend a whole year learning the ins and outs of virtue technology.


In 2002 the Vertu Signature was introduced to the world in a spectacular launch in Paris, the world capital of beauty. Since the launch of their first phone Vertu have released the first carbon fibre phone, been awarded a prestigious Red Dot Award for design, opened a concept design store, and last year entered a new era with the company’s first smartphone powered by Android™.



The Complete Package

A phone from Vertu is more than a phone; it’s everything you could ever need. With Vertu’s Life service, the customer benefits from curated privileges, access to invitation-only events and the most exclusive private members’ clubs, as well as closed-door shopping experiences. Vertu wants to ensure that its customers have access to above and beyond privileges to guarantee that every day is extraordinary. Their Certainty service provides world class data protection using a host of integrated security features and unbeatable technology. As with their other services, Vertu pride themselves on their remarkable customer service. Vertu use Remote Assist technology to support their customers no matter what time it is, or where in the world they are. Vertu’s range of services is peerless, and it is these services, not just their craftsmanship, which makes Vertu a luxury company.


The Aster is one of Vertu’s most popular products, featuring the very best of Vertu’s values and technologies. The phone is created to be an unmistakable statement piece, as its powerful and unique technology performs beyond expectations. A combination of cutting-edge noise cancellation and virtual surround reproduction, gives the Aster an edge when it comes to watching videos and clips, together with HD display on a sapphire screen. The Asters quad core processor provides the user with effortless high speed browsing and multi-tasking which could rival the best computers currently on the market. Above all, Aster comes with Vertu Classic Concierge, the most revered Vertu service. This provides the user with their team of experts who deliver 24-hour worldwide assistance, whose unique expertise and inside knowledge has facilitated every request.


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A Vertu phone is not just a phone, it is a way of life, and there is no doubt that their devices are the highest possible standard for any smartphone. If you’re looking to take your life to the next level, a Vertu phone is where you start. The possibilities for Vertu seem endless, as they continue to grow and beat technological feats every day, so for the future of luxury lifestyle look no further than in the palm of your hand.


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