An Interview with Father Christmas

 Interview with Father Christmas

Even though this is his busiest time of year, we here at James Samson have managed to pin down Father Christmas for a quick fire interview. Sat broadly in the centre of our comfy sofa with a hot chocolate and a gingerbread man, Santa told us his Christmas secrets.


So Santa, how would you describe your job? And how did it all begin?
Well we all know the tale of old St Nick, who dropped presents down the chimney to land in a peasant girl’s stockings drying by the fire. It all snowballed from there! You can’t give a present to one person and leave out everyone else can you? I became the world’s foremost joy giver on my 60th birthday, when the previous Father Christmas fell down my chimney while looking for a retirement cottage.


If you weren’t Santa who would you have liked to have been?
I actually started out as an apprentice to my father, a carpenter, before branching off into making toys. He made all the furniture in our little cottage with pride and flare, and I’d like to think I could do just as good a job.


What is the best toy you have ever given?
When Rodney, one of our brightest little elves, had just graduated from whittling college he created the most elegant dolls house you have ever seen. It had bright blue walls, a real thatch roof, and bright red roses painted in the window boxes. The lucky little girl had had a very hard year, and we thought it would be the perfect present for her.


What is the best present I can buy for mum?
Mum’s work so hard to make everyone else’s lives a little easier, so they only deserve the best. I’m sure any mum will appreciate this delicate feather ring by 2emme, with its natural curves and beautiful shape. With this present, you’ll never be on her naughty list again.


How do the reindeer fly?
Ah now that would be telling wouldn’t it? It’s not a complicated process, but it involves one very special ingredient… Christmas cheer! So when you’re being dragged round the shops, remember to smile!




What is your favourite Christmas Eve snack?
I am partial to gingerbread (he says, with crumbs in his beard) but frankly any biscuits are appreciated. Mrs Claus however says I need to cut down, and that maybe I should try one of the reindeer’s carrots this year instead.


I never know what to buy my dad! Can you help?
Yes dads can be tricky to buy for, but they really need not be. Buy him what every dad needs; a good, handsome watch. Maserati’s Fuoriclasse watch will be the best present under the tree thanks to its original design, multifunction dials, and luxurious rose gold case.


What will you be doing after Christmas?
I will be off on my holidays! I think Mrs Claus and I may try Australia this year, it’s their summertime over there right now, and I passed by some balmy beaches while dropping off presents last year.


What is the best advice you can give to children this Christmas?
When you hear the clip clap clop of reindeer hooves on your roof on Christmas Eve, make sure you are tucked up in your bed, with all your teddies tucked in too. Oh yes and most importantly, in the morning, don’t wake your parents up too early!


And last but certainly not least, when should children have sent their Christmas letters by?
A very important question indeed!!! We would like to receive all our letters by the 18th of December at the latest, which will give us a week to sort out any last minute presents. Please send your letters to:

Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,