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When it comes to buying that perfect Valentine ’s Day gift, there are six simple rules to follow that have stood the test of time. Whether you’ve been together for 20 years or 2 months everyone deserves something special on Valentine’s, and we here at James Samson are here to help you decipher the best present for your other half. Picking up where we left off, this week we will be looking at the last three rules of Valentine’s buying, as well as some great ideas on how to make her feel special this Valentine’s day.


It is popular opinion that men are the hardest demographic to buy presents for. But with so many different products marketed for women bombarding our senses, is it in reality harder to choose the perfect present for women? Have no fear, using the six rules of Valentine’s we’ve narrowed down the masses of options down to three, essentially exquisite gifts any woman would love.



Fourth: The Luxurious Rule

Estados Concertina purse - choc croc and pinkAdd a little luxury to your lady’s life by upgrading a much loved item of hers. Items like lingerie and slippers are what first spring to mind, but what about something she values every day?
This Concertina purse by Estados in chocolate crocodile effect and pink is a lavish purse to be proud of, and an exquisite treat. The Argentine calf hide used in this purse is just as hardwearing as it is beautiful, and it is lined with soft pink silk. Its generous size means that it is a practical Valentine’s gift that she can take away with her any time, and anywhere.


Fifth: The Accessory Rule

Michel Herbelin Ladies Corynthe watchMost men think a sexy lingerie set or an elegant dress is a great idea for Valentine’s Day… until they present it to their partner, and it is the wrong size! Sticking to the accessory rule means that your present will always be the right size, and will be versatile enough to go with any outfit. The prestigious Michel Herbelin Ladies Corynthe watch with stainless steel and yellow gold case is a delicate companion to the bar, work, or a special occasion. The black genuine leather strap fits it for any purpose, making the Corynthe watch a present to last a lifetime.


Sixth: The Golden Rule

NONA Two Tone CZ Wave RingEverybody knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and so you can’t go wrong adhering to the golden rule. Whether it’s silver, gold or platinum, every girl deserves to shine on Valentine’s Day. But before you get lost amid the wide array of high street jewellery shops, consider looking at our unique range here at James Samson. NONA’s Silver Collection offers sumptuous jewellery suitable for a queen, like this two tone CZ Wave ring. Not only made of the highest quality sterling silver but flourished with gold plated detail, this sleek and modern design incorporates a sweeping cubic zirconia stone inset.


With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, we hope you’ve found some inspiration for fabulous no-fuss presents, using our six Valentine’s rules. Just remember, you don’t have to promise the world or outdo literary fables of romance. All you have to do is choose a gift from the heart to impress on Valentine’s day.


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