Six Rules for Valentine’s Day Presents – For Him


When it comes to buying that perfect Valentine ’s Day gift, there are six simple rules to follow that have stood the test of time. Whether you’ve been together for 20 years or 2 months everyone deserves something special on Valentine’s, and we here at James Samson are here to help you decipher the best present for your other half. This week we will be looking at the first three rules of Valentine’s buying, and some special suggestions for what to get for him.


Why is it that statistics suggest that nearly 40 percent of women will not purchase a Valentine’s gift for their man? Don’t know how to reciprocate that perfect gift (that you picked out)? Here are the first three rules of Valentine ’s Day present buying to help you find just the right present.



First: The £20 Rule

On average, when it comes to Valentine ’s Day we spend £70 on our partners. However, if it’s a new relationship, or if you want to give more than one present, then you can’t go wrong with the £20 rule. If you spend at least £20 on your man then you’re sure to compliment his Valentine’s gift, and if you choose wisely then it can appear more expensive than it is. A good example is this, is our stainless steel bracelet, which looks cool and sophisticated. But at £20, it’s a steal which no man would turn down.

Stainless Steel Bracelet


Second: The Replacement Rule

Essentials like pillows and towels often get well-worn without us noticing, and as a result we often put up with substandard quality. Based on this idea, the replacement rule is to replace an item of his which he hasn’t noticed is on the brink of death. Underwear at Christmas is a classic case of this, but go that one step better and get him that new wallet he didn’t realise he needed. A great brand for wallets, new to James Samson is Estados, and this chocolate croc coin pocket wallet with a navy lining is a great idea for Valentine’s day. With handsome form and function, this luxury leather wallet contains a coin purse and plenty of card slots.

Estados Coin Pocket Wallet - Chocolate Croc


Third: The Useful Rule

Another fail safe present is to get him something useful. This way you can ensure your money and love isn’t found at the bottom of the wardrobe years later or in the charity shop. Some handy gifts are bike tools and penknives, depending on his interests. But one essential no man can be without is a watch. Whether he could do with an evening watch, an active watch or an everyday watch, here at James Samson we have such a wide range to offer. One great multi-purpose watch from prestigious brand WENCIA, is this Men’s Swiss Classic W007AS watch with grey calf leather strap and seconds counter. A family business since 1937, Wencia offers classic high-quality Swiss design with modern design and tenacity.

WENCIA Men’s Swiss Classic Watch



The rules of Valentine’s present buying will never go wrong, and we hope to have helped you to find the perfect gift for your man. Find out the other three rules of Valentine’s present buying next week when we unveil our special range of presents for women.


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