Water Sports to try for Summer 2015

Summer Water Sport 2015

By now, many of us have already planned our summer holidays. Whether you’re by the beach or in the countryside, why not try out a new exciting sport?


If you enjoyed our guide to polo last week, then you’ll be glad to hear that the highly underrated sport of water polo is making a comeback in British swimming pools. You might, however be looking for a new way to explore foreign destinations, then the worldwide phenomenon of paddle boarding is for you. Or maybe, you’re holidaying at home this year, then take advantage of Britain’s stunning coastline in a kayak either float along and enjoy the view or surf wild waves for a challenge.



Get your Game on

water poloGreat Britain has an eminent tradition in water polo having been credited with inventing the game. However, Britain has not competed at Olympic level since 1956, and thus the sport’s popularity has suffered during the second half of the twentieth century.


With water polo receiving significant funding in 2006, the sport has rapidly developed into the elite culture it is today, creating refined age group programmes with both men and women being active in all levels of the sport.


Water polo is without a doubt, one of the toughest sports in the world, a combination of skill and tactical elements as well as aggression and physical contest. As well as being a strong swimmer, you will need reasonable all over body strength and stamina – if you’re lacking in any of these, then water polo is a great way to develop your strength and endurance. Water polo clubs can now be found all over the country, and many prestigious universities will have a water polo team. Find out more at swimming.org



Sea Surfer, City Slicker

paddle boardingPaddle boarding is a diverse new sport sweeping the globe, and the fastest growing water sport in the UK. Our cousins in America and Australia have nurtured the sport through their love of exploring and new challenges, no matter where you are in the world this summer you will find the opportunity to go paddle boarding.


Think of paddle boarding like surfing, but easier as the rider stands on a wider, more stable board, and the surfer pushes themselves along with a paddle rather than waves. Paddle boarding is fun to learn with friends or as a family, and any unsure children can happily sit on the end of your board.


You can ride a paddle board down a whitewater ride or along a peaceful canal in the British countryside. Active 360, the UK’s premier paddle boarding society, offers lessons, coaching, group trips, private parties and even paddle boarding yoga in London! They also stock a wide range of boards, paddles and paddle boarding equipment from leading brands to buy or hire.



Push the Boat Out

Sea kayakingSea kayaking is exactly what you imagine it is, kayaking out at sea. However, you might not imagine the wide range of possibilities which comes from this simple activity. Britain has one of the best coasts in the world for exploring with a sea kayak, whether it’s exercising your stamina on a long haul trip or looking for adreneline.


Top sea kayak organisation Preseli Venture suggests that Pembrookeshire is the best place for sea kayaking in the UK, with waterfalls, sea caves and natural rock arches sea stacks, and idyllic sheltered coves. Kayaks are also one of the best ways to observe marine wildlife this summer.


Also, If you find yourself in Scotland then it is worth taking a trip to Cardigan Bay, where you can kayak amongst Atlantic grey seals or porpoise and dolphins that live in deeper waters. Around the country there are also sea kayak expeditions for the more advanced out to off-shore islands such as the Scillies, Ramsey, Skomer and South Bishop.


Preseli Venture can offer sea kayaking sessions for all ages and abilities – from a half day taster session on an adventure day, ‘learn to’ sea kayak weekend courses, the Adrenalin Cocktail adventure weekends, to family kayaking sessions.



This year, water sports are having their turn in the spotlight, and are both fun and adaptable for wherever you find yourself this summer.


If you have discovered a new sport or had a passion re-ignited and are now looking forward to trying one of these sports this summer, then it’s advised that you take some lessons first to ensure you have fun in a safe way.


What water based sport are you looking forward to this summer?



Images © swimming.org, theguardian.com, TripAdvisor, Preseli Venture