Christmas Gift Wrapping Masterclass

Christmas Gift Wrapping MasterclassAs we start to think of ticking off our Christmas present list, we often forget to take into consideration the trimmings which will make that present extra special. A good gift can be done an injustice by bad wrapping. So this year don’t leave the present wrapping until 11pm on Christmas Eve, make a statement of love with our Christmas gift wrapping masterclass.


You may think you know how to wrap a present, but here are some handy tips and tricks to give a pristine and professional finish. If you can get the basics right, then the rest will easily follow.


On Christmas day you will be left with a house full of wrapping paper, so don’t add to the mess by using too much. To determine how much wrapping paper you need, wrap a length of ribbon around the gift, then lay the ribbon on the gift wrap and trim the paper to the correct dimensions. If you are one of those people who can never cut the gift wrap in a straight line, then fold along the edge of the paper and simply cut along the crease.


Christmas Gift Wrapping 2

Should you run out of paper, and not have enough to cover your gift, make a quick and easy cheat pleat. Concertina a contrasting piece of wrapping paper to make a feature of the pleat, and secure it on top of the present. Of course, you don’t always have to use wrapping paper. For an elegant and sophisticated finish, source cloth offcuts to wrap presents in, and secure the cloth with safety pins, double sided tape or washi tape.


Festive napkins are perfect for smaller presents, which can be folded and secured with a bow. For fuss free packaging, pop some tissue paper through your paper shredder to create a cushion for delicate items like jewellery.


Another way to personalise your gifts, is to thread beads or charms from old jewellery onto ribbon. This can really add that wow factor, and make your present shine. Or, you could go for a more natural look, gluing on beautiful pieces of bark or seashells.


For some great tips on personalising your present, have a sneaky peek at Sara’s present wrapping tutorial:


Each year, there are always awkward presents that cause us to give up in a Christmas kerfuffle. So how do you wrap obvious gifts, large gifts, and overseas gifts?


Presents like jewellery or clothes can be easily disguised in a presentation box with plenty of padding so no rattling noises give the game away. You can find presentation boxes in your local stationers.


Large gifts like bikes are better kept in hiding until it is time to open presents. Wrapping up a hint as a present, like a bicycle helmet, is a great way to keep the element of surprise.


When sending gifts overseas, make sure the envelope or box you are sending it in is big enough to hold the present as well as a few layers of bubble wrap. Squeezing it into a package that is too small – even if it’s a little tight, can damage both the present and the packaging in the post. If there are very delicate parts of the present, such as beading work on a purse or intricate ceramic or glass pieces, it may be worth wrapping the gifts themselves in cling film or tissue paper to reduce the potential impact damage.